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Government Information at the Wyoming State Library - a Federal Depository Library  

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The Army and Reconstruction 1865-1877

Call Number: D 114.2:C 49/2/RECONS. The Army and Reconstruction, 1865-1877, by Mark L. Bradley.  
Also available online

This brochure traces the Army’s law enforcement, stability, and peacekeeping roles in the South from May 1865 to the end of Reconstruction in 1877, marking a unique period in American history. During that time, the Southern states remained under military occupation, and for several years, they were also ruled by military government.


The Gulf Theater 1813-1815

Author: Joseph F. Stoltz III

Call Number:  D 114.2:C 49/2/GULF
Also available: online

U.S. Army Campaigns of the War of 1812
CMH Pub 74-7, Paper 
2014; 52 pages, maps, illustrations, further readings

The Gulf Theater, 1813-1815 examines the climactic military operations of the War of 1812. Most reader have heard of the legendary engagement of 8 January 1815 at New Orleans that has been told in song and story, but this publication puts it into the perspective of a much broader series of events. Although relegated as a minor theater for much of the conflict, British commanders focused attention on the Gulf Coast and the city of New Orleans after the twin defeats at Plattsburgh, New York, and Baltimore, Maryland, in September 1814. With British agents attempting to arm and train American Indian allies to fight their common foe while weak but nominally neutral Spanish troops watched helplessly, as U.S. forces commanded by Army Maj. Gen. Andrew Jackson secured present-day Alabama and took the offensive into Florida to foil enemy attempts to seize and establish bases at Mobile and Pensacola. 


The U.S. Military Intervention in Panama

Author: Lawrence A. Yates

Call Number: D 114.2:P 19/6

On 20 December 1989, the United States launched Operation JUST CAUSE, the invasion of Panama. Over the course of the next few days, these forces handily defeated the Panamanian military, toppled the brutal and corrupt dictatorship of Manuel Antonio Noriega, and helped return democracy and stability to the troubled isthmus. The book tells this story by reviewing U.S. contingency planning for the possible use of armed force in Panama and then by recounting the execution of those plans. 


The Creek War 1813-1814

The Creek War, 1813-1814 

U.S. Army Campaigns of the War of 1812

Richard D. Blackmon

Also available online.

Call Number: D 114.2:C 86

In many respects, the Creek War of 1813–1814 is considered part of the Southern Theater of the War of 1812. The Creek War grew out of a civil war that pitted Creek Indians striving to maintain their traditional culture, called Red Sticks, against those Creeks who sought to assimilate with United States society. Spurred by religious prophets and promises of British assistance, the Red Sticks grew increasingly aggressive and were eventually attacked by Mississippi Territory militia, which sparked the Creek War.

Buying Time 1965-1966

Call Number: D 114.2:V 67/4
Buying time, 1965-1966 / by Frank L. Jones.
Also available online
Buying Time, 1965–1966, by Frank L. Jones, begins with President Lyndon B. Johnson's decision to commit the U.S. military to an escalating role in the ground war against the Communist government of North Vietnam and its allies in South Vietnam known as the Viet Cong.


In the Line of Duty; Army Art, 1965-214

Author: Sarah G. Forgey

Call Number: D 114.2:AR 7/3

Publication: Washington D.C.:Center of Military History, United States Army, 2015.

In the Line of Duty: Army Art, 1965–2014, presents art from the Vietnam War through the late twentieth to early twenty-first century to more recent operations in Iraq and Afghanistan. It depicts the U.S. Army in all its aspects. The soldier-artists represented here are from the Regular Army, Army Reserves, and National Guard.


A Review of Fire Effects on Vegetation and Soils in the Great Basin Region

Citation: Miller, Richard F.; Chambers, Jeanne C.; Pyke, David A.; Pierson, Fred B.; Williams, C. Jason. 2013. A review of fire effects on vegetation and soils in the Great Basin Region: response and ecological site characteristics. Gen. Tech. Rep. RMRS-GTR-308. Fort Collins, CO: U.S. Department of Agriculture, Forest Service, Rocky Mountain Research Station. 126 p.

This review synthesizes the state of knowledge on fire effects on vegetation and soils in semi-arid ecosystems in the Great Basin Region, including the central and northern Great Basin and Range, Columbia River Basin, and the Snake River Plain.  This publication can be found online here at RMRS Publications.


Report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program

The U.S. Government Printing Office (GPO) makes available the official and authentic digital version of the Report of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence Committee Study of the Central Intelligence Agency’s Detention and Interrogation Program, together with a forward by Chairman Feinstein and Additional and Minority Views(Senate Report 113-288).

This document comprises the declassified Executive Summary and Findings and Conclusions, including declassified additional and minority views. The full classified report will be maintained by the Committee and has been provided to the Executive Branch for dissemination to all relevant agencies.

The digital version is available on GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys). 


New Member Pictorial Directory 114th Congress

New Member Pictorial Directory: 114th Congress. Prepared by the Committee on House Administration – Candice S. Miller, Chairman; Robert A. Brady, Pennsylvania, Ranking Minority Member. November 10, 2014.


Supporting Military Families in Crisis

Available online
Supporting Military Families in Crisis.  Produced by the Defense Suicide Prevention Office.
Publication: Arlington, VA : Defense Suicide Prevention Office, 2014.

Forging the Shield: the U.S. Army in Europe, 1951-1962

Author: Donald A. Carter

Publication: Washington, D.C.: Center of Military History, United States Army, 2015.

Call Number: D 114.2:C 67/2/SHIELD

Forging the Shield by author Donald A. Carter, tells the story of U.S. Army forces in Europe during the 1950s and early 1960s. It spans the period between the return of major U.S. combat forces to Germany in 1951 and the aftermath of the Berlin crisis in 1961–1962. During that time, the troops in Europe became the public face of the Army to Americans as well as to the rest of the world. The service directed almost all of its training, equipment and force development toward that potential day when its troops would face Soviet divisions streaming through the Fulda Gap and into Germany. 


The Civil War Ends 1865

Title: The Civil War Ends, 1865 
Author: Mark L. Bradley
Publication: Washington, D.C. : Center of Military History, United States Army, 2015.
Available online through Wyldcat.  

This document examines some of these events, starting with Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman's Carolinas Campaign, and continuing with several raids led by Union Generals George Stoneman, Edward E. Potter, and James H. Wilson. Other operations covered include the Federal assault on Mobile, Alabama, and the capture of Confederate President Jefferson Davis. The rest of the document describes how the remaining Confederate military forces from North Carolina to Texas laid down their arms in the spring of 1865.


Economic Report of the President 2015

Call Number:  PR 0.44.9: 2015
Also available online.

The Economic Report of the President is an annual report written by the Chair of the Council of Economic Advisers. An important vehicle for presenting the Administration’s domestic and international economic policies, it provides an overview of the nation's economic progress with text and extensive data appendices.


Fiscal Year 2016 Budget of the U.S. Governemnt

Call Number: PREX 2.8:2016

The President's Budget of the United States Government, Fiscal Year 2016 is now available from the U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO). The public can search or browse the budget, which is accessible from GPO’s Federal Digital System (FDsys). FY 2016 Budget documents are available in PDF, with many of the tables also available for separate viewing and downloading as spreadsheets in .xls and comma delimited formats.

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